Code of conduct



  1. Plan your bike ride by assessing the degree of difficulty of the trails and their conditions.

  2. Always have your ticket visible. Access to the mountain bike trails is strictly reserved for day/season ticket holders.

  3. Keep the area clean, do not leave garbage or damage trees or fences, do not make fires.

  4. Dogs are allowed on the bike trails but must be on a leash and their excrements must be picked up.

  5. Bicycles are not allowed on the ski trails unless otherwise indicated.

  6. Bicycle helmets must be worn on all trails.

  7. When crossing an intersection, yield the right of way to any user using a slower means of transportation than your own.

  8. Slow down and signal your presence well in advance, in a loud voice, when approaching another user.

  9. Control your speed at all times and when approaching a curve, anticipate the presence of another user.

  10. The cross-country bike trails and hiking trails are not patrolled, ride within your ability at all times.

  11. Plan to leave the area no later than 5 pm.